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Town Manager

The goal of the Town Manager’s Office is to ensure that the residents of St. John enjoy the highest quality of life possible, while increasing property values in our Town.

The Town Manager’s role is to run the daily operation of Town Government.

The position of the Town Manager is quickly becoming the most effective form of local government administration in the State of Indiana. The Manager provides the staff of the Town, as well as the residents of the community, with a decision-making and informational source.

In a growing and developing community like St. John, the role of the Town Manager extends into the Building and Planning Department, where proper planning and infrastructure improvements need to be addressed on a daily basis.

In addition, the Town Manager’s duties include: the preparation and administration of the annual town budget, all human resource functions, to provide professional advice to the Town Council, serve as the administrative head of town government, and oversee the community’s projects.

The Town Manager, Joseph Wiszowaty, can be reached by email or by phone at (219) 365-6043.

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