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Facade Rebate Program Packet

The Façade Rebate Program is administered through the Economic Development Committee with project review and designs being approved by the Economic Development Committee (EDC). Rebate funds are available for exterior improvement for buildings located within the U.S. Highway 41 Overlay District, as identified within Section 24-341 (e) of the St. John Municipal Code (STJMC). Rebate amounts are awarded up to 80% of the approved project listed on the Façade Rebate Application, with a minimum of 20% of the approved project paid by the owner. Rebate amounts may be determined by the Economic Development Committee and approved by the Redevelopment Commission based on, but not limited to, the merits of the project, availability of funds, and the number of rebate requests under consideration. This program is subject to annual revisions.

  1. Building/property owners and business owners may apply. Business owners must have a completed Notarized Limited Power of Attorney as part of the Façade Rebate Application in order to apply for funds.
  2. The project building must be located within the boundaries of the U.S. Highway 41 Overlay District.
  3. Priority will be given to buildings which meet or exceed all of the Town of St. John Municipal Codes (STJMCs), and are:
    1. Age of building
    2. Linear frontage of building
    3. Within the U.S. Highway 41 Overlay District
    4. Square footage of building
  4. Eligible work includes the repair and/or improvement of masonry, wood, windows, doors, lighting, and signage.
  5. Routine maintenance, including repair or replacement of roof, is not eligible.
  6. Engineering fees, architectural fees, recording fees, and permit fees are not eligible.
  7. Painting requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  8. Side and rear façades not facing public streets will only be considered if they are fully visible from public streets. (i.e.) the entire length and width of the façade must be visible from a public right of way.
  9. Before submitting an application, applicants must meet with the Town Manager or Director of Building and Planning and a member of the EDC to review compliance with the STJMCs and recommendations to the building renovation.
  10. Contractors hired to do the work must be registered with the Town of St. John prior to Application submission.
  11. The Rebate is a reimbursable program. The applicant must pay 100% of project cost up front. The Economic Development Committee (EDC) will rebate the amount approved as listed on the Façade Rebate Application, after submission of proof that all work has been completed and paid in full.
  12. Approved project work must be started within three (3) months of EDC approval, and projects must be completed within six (6) months of EDC approval. Projects may apply for a three (3) month extension by written request to the Economic Development Committee (EDC). If the project is not completed within six (6) months or prior to the expiration of an approved extension, the approval is considered void and the prior award will be determined to be expired and of no further force and effect.
  13. Each project will be subject to a mid-project review by the Town Manager or Director of Building and Planning and a member of the EDC in order to determine if the work is being completed in accordance with the project scope. The Façade Rebate Applicant must submit a mid-project report of work completed, cost to date, work remaining, and estimated cost remaining.
  14. Façade Rebate recipients are required to maintain all approved work for a period of three (3) years, as outlined in the Façade Rebate Agreement. You may re-apply for additional funding after three (3) years.
  15. Rebate recipients must comply with IC 22-5-1.7-11 (E-Verify Program) for rebates over $1,000.
  1. Obtain a Façade Rebate Application from the St. John Town Manager’s Office (10955 W. 93rd Avenue). Façade Rebate Application may be found at https://www.stjohnin.gov/Development/Facade_Rebate_Application.pdf
  2. Contact the Town Manager prior to submitting a Façade Rebate Application to schedule an appointment with a member of the EDC and applicable staff. Town Manager contact information:
    Joe Wiszowaty, Town Manager
    (219) 365-6043

    St. John Town Hall
    10955 W. 93rd Ave.
    St. John, IN 46373

  3. Submit completed Façade Rebate Application and supporting documents to the Office of the Town Manager for review.
  4. Attend initial EDC meeting and all EDC meetings during the review and consideration process of the Façade Rebate Application.
  5. Sign Façade Rebate Agreement, witnessed through notarization by the applicant, the building/property owner, and the EDC. The applicant shall provide a money order or cashier’s check to cover the recording fee for the Rebate Agreement.
  6. After the Rebate Agreement is recorded, the applicant may apply for any necessary Building Permits in accordance with the Building and Planning Department requirements. Work may begin after Building Permits are issued.
  7. Submit a mid-project report to the EDC via the Office of the Town Manager once the Project Manager determines 50% of the project is complete. The applicant should continue to complete the work after submission of a mid-project report.
  8. Once the project is completed, submit the following Rebate Reimbursement Documents to the EDC via the Office of the Town Manager:
    • Letter stating that the project is completed, and
    • Rebate Fund Request Form, and
    • Final waiver of lien(s), and
    • Receipt showing proof of payment (or invoice showing zero balance along with the contractor’s affidavit), electronic copies of before and after photographs, and
    • Complete IRS Form W-9.
  9. Rebate reimbursement documents will be reviewed by the EDC. The EDC will reimburse 100% of the approved cost to the applicant after rebate reimbursement documents are approved.

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