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Fire Department Roster


Kevin LaDuke - Fire Chief, Paramedic
Mike Gillette - Deputy Fire Chief, Paramedic

Amanda Stevens - Administrative Assistant

Full Time

Justin Andras - Lieutenant, Paramedic
Rich Fialkowski - Battalion Chief, EMT
Tom McCauley - Battalion Chief, Paramedic
Pat Savell - Battalion Chief, Paramedic
Mike Sharp - Captain, Paramedic
Zack Strbjak - Lieutenant, Paramedic

Jeremiah Deyarmin - Firefighter, Paramedic
Katelyn Diehl - Firefighter, Paramedic
Matt Easto - Firefighter, Paramedic
Brian King - Firefighter, EMT
Lindsay Kusbel - Firefighter, EMT
Frank Pukoszek - Firefighter, Paramedic
TJ Wilson - Firefighter, EMT

Paid on call

Scott Clifford - Lieutenant, EMT
Mark Olson - Lieutenant, EMT

Mike Alonzo - Firefighter
Jake Balousek - Firefighter, EMT
Tony Cimino - Firefighter
Winter Dojcinovski - Firefighter, EMT
Cody Fritz - Firefighter, EMT
Kenny Gembala - Firefighter, EMT
David Graham - Firefighter
Mike Hill - Firefighter
Jake Hoekema - Firefighter
Jim Kolanowski - Firefighter
Duke Krocker - Firefighter
Robert Marciano - Firefighter
Brent Sailsbery - Firefighter
Owen Sandefur - Firefighter, EMT
Jeff Schafer - Firefighter
Jim Streit - Firefighter
Nick Tameling - Firefighter, EMT

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