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Leaf and Branch Pick Up


The Town of St. John offers branch collection services, not tree removal services. Branches left curbside for collection must be limited to trimmed-tree branches and bush branches only.
Public Works will be collecting leaves and branches as indicated on the schedule listed on the back. For those residents who reside north of W. 93rd Avenue your scheduled week for leaf/branch collection will be indicated with an N. For those residents who reside south of W. 93rd Avenue your scheduled week for leaf/branch collection will be indicated with an S. Those days indicated with an H will not have a collection on that day due to it being an observed Holiday and Public Works will be closed. See the Town of St. John map below for assigned areas:
Picture of divided at W 93rd Ave into North and South
Please have all items ready for pickup on MONDAY by 7 AM of the scheduled week. Leaves/branches must be placed along the curb/parkway, not in the roadway. DO NOT PLACE LEAVES/BRANCHES IN THE STREET as this can create a traffic hazard. Once leaves/branches have been collected crews cannot go back until the next scheduled collection week. PUBLIC WORKS CREWS WILL NOT BACKTRACK. Public Works will not make special accommodations for those who put leaves/branches out after crews have passed your residence. It is crucial that all items be ready for pickup by Monday of the scheduled week.
It is IMPERATIVE that all residents adhere to our guidelines for leaf and branch collection as follows:
  • Do not rake leaves/branches into the street as they may block the Town’s storm drains
  • Do not put leaves in bags, they will not be picked up
  • Do not park on the street to obstruct collection as the leaves/branches will not be picked up
  • Branches should be at least 48” in length and no larger than 12” in diameter for crews to safely process. Branches smaller than 48” in length may be placed in the trash bin for regular trash collection
  • For employee safety and to prevent equipment damage, any debris mixed in the branch/leaf pile (grass, rocks, bricks, stones, metal objects, nonorganic materials, stumps, etc.) WILL NOT be collected
  • The Town does not pick up branches from commercial properties, empty lots or work performed by contractors
  • The Town will not pick up branches that have been cut by a contractor/service company. When hiring a contractor/service company, they must be required to remove all branches and waste that was generated
  • All contractors/service companies must be registered with the St. John Building and Planning Department
  • Public Works reserves the right to refuse to pick up leaves/branches
schedule of leaf and branch pickup
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