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Plan Commission Meeting Minutes 2003

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Meeting Minutes

08-19-2003 Joint Town Council and Plan Commission

August 19, 2003 Town Council & Plan Commission Joint Study Session Meeting Minutes

Mr. Rudy opened the St. John Town Council and Plan Commission Joint Study Session at 7:17 P.M.

The following Town Council members were present: Michael Forbes, President; Jerome Rudy, Vice-President; Kristie Aldridge; William Winterhaler; and Gregory Volk. Also present were Steve Kil, Town Manager; David Wickland, Town Attorney; and Sherry Sury, Clerk-Treasurer. Plan Commission members present: Tom Busch; Dennis Wilson; Tim Foley and Charles Sawyer. Michael Ryan was absent. Mr. Forbes and Mr. Rudy serve on both the Town Council and Plan Commission.

Discussion of Comprehensive Plan – Consider employing the firm of Edwards & Kelcey, Inc.

Mr. Rudy excused himself from discussion as a Town Council member and spoke as the President of the Plan Commission.

Mr. Rudy gave a brief introduction of the Plan Commission’s perspective – The Planning and Development Advisory Committee approached the Town Council and the Plan Commission in how they might go about re-writing the Town’s Comprehensive Plan including a Thoroughfare plan. The Planning and Development Advisory Committee made a recommendation to the Plan Commission that Edwards and Kelcey be hired. The intent of this study session is to determine what body of work should be done, the time frame to do it and the anticipated costs. The plan will include town limits and may comment on potential annexation activity, which would help determine future zoning and planning. The work by Edwards and Kelcey would take about seven months; with 2-3 months occurring in 2003.

Discussion of availability of tax draw money; how this plan would affect the zoning ordinance; and the timing of the zoning ordinance update. Questions arose regarding the legal requirement of the Comprehensive Plan; and extensive comments on multi-family homes and PUD’s. Discussion of how the plan gathers data and citizen input.

Mr. Forbes stated this item would be on the agenda at the next Town Council meeting.

The study session adjourned at 8:18 P. M.


/s/ Sherry P. Sury, Clerk-Treasurer

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