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Redevelopment Commission Meeting Minutes 2010

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Meeting Minutes

04-22-2010 Redevelopment Commission

April 22, 2010 Redevelopment Commission Meeting Minutes

Mr. Barenie called the meeting to order at 7:12 P.M. and led the Pledge of Allegiance. Roll call was taken with the following members present: Mark Barenie, President; Michael Forbes, Vice-President; Gregory Volk, Member; Michael Fryzel, Member; Jerri Teibel, Member; David Austgen, Attorney; Dr. John DeVries, Citizen Member; Pat Kocot, Citizen Member; Steve Kil, Town Manager and Sherry Sury, Clerk-Treasurer.

Approval of the minutes: July 23, 2009 Redevelopment Commission Regular Session -

Mr. Forbes motioned to approve the minutes of the July 23, 2009 meeting. Seconded by Ms. Teibel. Motion passed with a vote of 5 - 0.

Election of Officers –

Mr. Kil suggested that, consistent with past practice, the same officers of the Town Council should be the officers of the Redevelopment Committee. Mr. Fryzel motioned to make Mr. Barenie the President and Mr. Forbes the Vice-President. Seconded by Ms. Teibel. Motion unanimously passed.

Resolution #RDC 10-04-22, a resolution of the St. John Redevelopment Commission regarding use of assessed value within the expanded North/South Economic Development area and all matters related thereto

(To capture all the tax increment within the district and to continue to pay off debt at an accelerated rate). Mr. Kil stated that consistent with the previous policy decision of the Town Council, this is an annual resolution that has to be passed that basically declares to the County that they would like to capture all the tax increment within the district and not release that to the different units; rather, use that to retire the debt at an accelerated rate.

Mr. Austgen mentioned for the record the report of Cender and Company, the Town’s Financial Advisors, that the report verifies and validates the continued actions the Council are about to consider this evening for the capture of the entire amount of increment based upon the schedule of debt repayment for the outstanding bonds which are served by the revenue from this action. He believes the report is dated today and is on the signature of Karl Cender and Dan Botich and is to be attached as an exhibit.

Mr. Forbes motioned to adopt Resolution #RDC 10-04-22. Seconded by Mr. Fryzel. Motion passed with a vote of 5 - 0.

Adjournment –

Mr. Fryzel motioned to adjourn the meeting. Seconded by Mr. Forbes. Motion passed with a vote of 5 - 0. Meeting adjourned at 7:16 P.M.

Mr. Barenie thanked the Citizen Members for their attendance.


/s/ Sherry P. Sury

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