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Sprinkling Management Plan

June 21, 2022

Dear Utility Customer:

Hot summer weather conditions have prompted the Town to take a proactive approach to water conservation. EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY the Town of St. John is implementing the following Sprinkling Management Plan:

  1. ADDRESSES ENDING IN AN EVEN NUMBER may ONLY sprinkle and water lawns on even number days of the month.
  2. ADDRESSES ENDING IN AN ODD NUMBER may ONLY sprinkle and water lawns on odd number days of the month.
  3. When sprinkling your lawn, please do not do so from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm.
  4. If you have an irrigation system, please remember to reset your timer accordingly.

Although this Sprinkling Management Plan is temporary, residents are asked for full compliance. The Town of St, John will notified residents when the Plan is curtailed on our website at www.stjohnin.gov.

The Town of St. John continues to work to improve its water capacity, storage, and treatment facilities to meet demands. Your cooperation with regards to the Town’s Sprinkling Management Plan is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions regarding this matter, please feel free to reach out to our Public Works Department at 219-365-4655.

Very truly yours,

Joseph WiszowatyRobert Davis
Town Manager      Public Works Director

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